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Magnesium Fire Starter Tool

RM 25.90

Magnesium Fire Starter Tool

Three Easy Steps

  1. Shave narrow side ( opposite the black sparking insert ) with any knife. Knife blade should be held perpendicular to the tool.
  2. Accumulate magnesium by shavings about the size of a quarter into a small pile and place next to tinder ( paper, leaves , small twigs, bark , etc. )
  3. Support edge of tool on ground within 1 inch of magnesium shavings at approximately 45 degree angle. Scrape the entire length of the sparking insert rapidly. For maximum sparking effect , be sure to hold the knife blade perpendicular to the sparking insert. This action will generate sparks, causing the magnesium shavings to ignite, providing a white hot flame.


Survival Tips 

Under windy conditions, the magnesium shavings should be placed in a depression in the ground. Will ignite damp ( not wet ) combustible materials. Will ignite rubber to create a distress smoke signal. ( Use tire from you vehicle if necessary to attract aircraft. ) If fine tinder is not available , use the following : 

  • Parts of personal clothing ( pocket lining, handkerchief, etc. )
  • Vehicle upholstery
  • Drain oil from vehicle and place in hubcap, soak rags with oil and ignite. ( will also create smoke signal)

Warning : Gasoline is too hazardous to use but kerosene and diesel fuel are acceptable.